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Disco Funeral

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The roots that ultimately formed Disco Funeral sprang from a shared passion for music, the sea and everything absurd. Johnny K and Justin Reist started spreading their fun and funky vibes all over the streets and beaches of Vancouver, eventually being joined by Dave Malcolm and Kaelen Jarvis.
Soon after, the band launched a yearlong search for a vocalist, only to realize that the perfect front man had been among them the entire time! Justin, with his unique voice, charisma, mind-tingling lyrics, mad harmonica skills and radical dance moves, was exactly what the band needed, and the core lineup played their first official show in April 2014 at Vancouver’s famous Railway Club.
Not long after, multi-instrumentalist Scotty Vigue joined the band, followed by Jae Kim the following year, and the verdict was instantly unanimous: THIS was the band and the sound that the members had been seeking.