Image of Mighty Brother

Mighty Brother

Performance Stage: Buy-Low Foods Main Stage

Performance Time: 1:30 pm

Mighty Brother is a New Orleans-based indie rock band captained by songwriters Jake Ryan and Nick Huster and crewed by a dynamic saxophonist, Jonah Devine, and airtight rhythm section, Kirk Duplantis and Quinn Sternberg. Since 2014, the group has charmed audiences with their infectious brand of songwriting, meticulous arrangements, and full sail quest for collaboration.

Mighty Brother’s debut album Jettison (Reprise 2015) is a look at life as a process, a journey to maturity with a thoughtful glance over the shoulder. The album features 19 musicians, complete with a string quartet and brass quintet. Mixing engineer, Eric Day, of Sleepwalk Recording, shows his experience and skillful ear, while Kate Siefker adds the polishing touches with careful mastering. The resulting record boasts a cinematic sound that is instantly inviting.

The band is quickly building a local following in New Orleans, their new base of operations. MB’s January 2017 “This Is Not Normal Tour” pairs the band’s live performances with the Gulf Restoration Network’s mission to “Defend Our Music, Defend Our Coast.” With support from the Threadhead Cultural Foundation, the band is producing a music video EP at Bear America Records. This EP is the first installment of a double album set to release early 2018.