Cassandra Maze

Cassandra Maze

Cassandra Maze is quite possibly the definition of ‘one-woman-band’. Stomping on loop pedals while ripping keyboard solos and belting gutsy high notes is simply Maze’s M.O. And when everything from her fingers to her toes is busy making the music, her focus falls squarely on making sure her audience is having the time of their lives. Expect to put your vocals chords to good use at a Cassandra Maze show, and to walk away thinking “can one person really do all that?”

Maze’s latest release, “Asymmetry”, features four pop bangers that Vancouver’s Georgia Straight calls “slick enough to hold their own on playlists that also include selections from heavy-hitters like Charli XCX and Rita Ora”.

The infectious dance grooves of “I Don’t Need Your Love” and “Boom”, mixed with the provocative lyricism of “Made of Stars” and “Wasteland”, speaks to Maze’s versatility and dexterity as an artist. Beyond that, “Asymmetry” is truly about accepting the things that make us unique and different.

Those are the qualities we’re remembered by. Perfection is boring – so put your own weird stamp on this world.