12:30 pm • Douglas College Main Stage


Puppycat is an all-original instrumental trio from Vancouver, BC, consisting of Ryan Drolet (Guitar), Russ MacKenzie (Bass) and Dimitar Karabov (Drums). The harmonic structures and melodic choices used in their music are quite angular, giving an unorthodox breath of fresh air to a "rock" foundation not normally ornamented in such a way.

Incorporating different feels and transitioning from jazzy passages to heavier rock grooves within the span of a song is what Puppycat does best.  In short, their compositions can change gears as fast as Vancouver weather.

To compare Puppycat to an existing band is a stretch.  They truly have their own sound.  To take a stab at describing them, one might say you need to imagine Jeff Beck and John Scofield playing guitar with Queens of the Stone Age.  With this band, fusion melodies soar over rock solid riffs and hooks, leaving the listener with jaws agape.