From the hills of Vancouver, BC comes a sound that couldn't be matched by the greatest West Coast storm. Meet rock band, Redwoods. Their appeal is simple: fast and scrappy rock tunes that are exuberant, energizing and fun.

In a market saturated with the slick, synthesized and over-produced, Redwoods is carving out a spirited, spunky space of its own. As a band, they are excellent song-writers, producing tunes that are wickedly sharp, with plenty of hooks and riffs and quirky catchiness.

Moreover, all four band members – front man Devon Webber, vocals and guitar; Aydn Graham, guitar; Chad Carlsen, bass; and Adam Likness, drums – are excellent musicians, blending buzzing, careening guitar and big drums with Webber’s soulful, lucid voice.

Redwoods first started playing together in high school, practicing in a cramped garage in a North Vancouver neighborhood. Since those early days, the band has been busy playing shows in Vancouver, Northern B.C and Indie Week in Toronto. In 2017, they released their debut EP “Sessions in Stone,” followed a year later by “Study Night.”

Redwoods plans to release its first full-length album this summer with the help of Canadian producer Garth Richardson.