Salmon Friends

2:00 pm • Nimbus School Stage

Salmon Friends

Sam Caviglia brings a beautiful narrartive to the stage with a constantly evolving collaboration of music called Salmon Friends

Sam Caviglia is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, BC whose latest project – a heartfelt collaboration aptly titled Salmon Friends – integrates guitar, violin, bass, drums and piano into an expansive and impassioned sound. Supported by a constantly evolving collective of fellow musicians and instrumentalists, Sam’s narrative unfolds harmoniously as a warm, visceral experience.

Sam’s musical background is rooted in the Seattle grunge scene, as evidenced by the stripped-down, heavy style of his former band Fey. Salmon Friends signals a new phase for the multi-talented artist as he transitions into a more tender, folksier sound. As a world traveler, an enthusiastic collaborator and a compelling lyricist, Sam taps into the various currents of his perception to turn feelings into songs, and songs into cultural experiences.\